12 Steps

Follow these steps and I will be able to assist in getting you the relief that you need within 24 Hours of submission of these documents to my office. Documents can be submitted directly to my email, viewed only by the attorney handling your case, at attorneyparker@debtorlawyer.com or fax them directly to my email at 248-239-4622 this will only be viewed by the attorney handling your case and no one else.

  1. Register and complete your credit counseling. The automatic stay cannot be issued without a Debtor first having completed a credit counseling course. Contact my office for a list of reputable course providers.
  2. Gather the last two years of filed Federal & State Tax Returns.
  3. Gather 6 months worth of pay stubs. This includes payments from Social Security, Annuities and Structured Settlements.
  4. Gather copies of any vehicles that are titled in your name.
  5. Gather 6 Months worth of any bank statements that have your name on them.
  6. A copy of your most recent retirement or investment account statement
  7. Copies of any Whole Life Insurance policies.
  8. Copy to any deeds to real estate that have your name on them.
  9. Copies of any homeowners insurance policies.
  10. Copies of your most recent mortgage balance statement.
  11. A copy of your most recent property tax bill.
  12. Copies of Bills that you wish to include in the Bankruptcy!!! (This includes all law suits filed against you)

I understand that sometimes you need a case filed right away to either stop either  foreclosure or garnishment. If you find yourself in that situation contact me immediately! There are certain things that will be needed in order for the automatic stay to be put into place.

Steps To Follow For Emergency & Same Day Filing:

Emergency & Same Day Filing Is Available!

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