My Merits

Stephen Parker

I pride myself on being personally knowledgeable about every client and every case. I take each case as of it were my own finances or family on the line. If your lawyer doesn't it take your case personally then simply put, you have a bad lawyer. I know the number one question on a client's mind is "How is my case going?". Contact me and get an answer! There are no middle-men between the client and myself. Direct access the first time and every time. I find that this particular business model actually reduces the amount of questions that clients have because they are more informed than a client who gets their questions answered by a legal assistant, paralegal, or secretary. It worked on my first case and my on thousandth case and I expect it will work on my ten thousandth case. Feel free to contact me.

Why Choose The Parker Law Firm, P.L.L.C?

"When You Are Confident, People Become Confident In You."


Founded in 2010